Friday, September 5, 2008

While the cat's away.... We're gonna crap in his office.

So, the boss(es) are out of town, for a conference, and Steve O. and I are left to man the front lines all day today....


1) No inane bullshit reschedules.... hopefully....
2) Being late didn't get me an evil scowl. Except from Steve O. But I'm used to that.
3) We're allowed today (according to us) to slack a bit...

1) I'm stuck doing payroll for the week... hope I don't FUBAR everything
2) Any big customer issue that requires the boss' knowledge is hosed until Monday... but we'll still get bitched out for it..
3) Murphy WILL be in full swing, since there's less people here to catch the falling turds..

All in all, all I can say is this:

I don't want Jury Duty on Monday!!!!

- Kenny G.

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