Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stupidity: Now in an econo-sized 48-pack!

Is it a full frigging moon tonight??? Did an asylum just burn down??? Where did this huge stock of "Fucking Stupid" come from, and who the bloody hell ordered a dump-truck full to be delivered right to my desk?

If I catch 'em... rectal boot-prints galore shall ensue...

Between Vendors, Partners, and Clients, there has been such a cluster-fuck of mental ineptitude, today, I can't even get the whole picture in frame... It would have to be a panorama of perplexing pea-brainitude... and I don't have that kinda camera!!!

Suffice to say... I'll just sum it up with this...

I need less of this....

And more of this....


- Kenny G.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm not a Fork!!!

So... I'm sitting here, trying to rebuild my play list from Hypster... Dreading the impending "Team Meeting" to come at 10:30... ish... And I'm wondering...

"How high was the creator of Spongebob when he did so?"

I mean, sure... It's a big hit with children... and everybody knows by now who "lives in a pineapple, under the sea..."... But, the whole freakish concept, is well... freakish!!

It's a talking sponge for Odin's sake!!! You had to be tripping some major league balls to come up with that... Not that it's so horribly different from a talking rabbit being chased by a hunter with a speech impediment... but it's freaky!!

I should make a cartoon about a banana that knows Kung-Fu, and lives in Minneapolis. His best friend can be a can of condensed chicken noodle soup that writes crossword puzzles... I'd be a millionaire!

OK... I guess, by now, you all wanna know why I'm on such a rant about this... And I'll tell you...

It's because I'm happy right now!!! OK...

I don't want to rant about my own life, because I feel good right now. Sure, there's plenty that's still all screwed up, but it's starting to feel like I'll make it through...

My huge mistake, the one that I thought cost me a dear and close friend... Maybe it wasn't so bad, as he and I have talked, and things seem to be, getting back to OK....

And then, of course... There's Her... She knows who she is... And how bright a ray of light she's become in my life... Perhaps, someday, when I'm not here at work, and I can truly describe her in all the beautiful detail that she deserves, I'll "introduce" you to her... but for now, my lips are sealed :-)

So, that's it... No bitching about money, work, or people... No crying for what I don't have... Just me, here alive, and for once... well.

And this...

- Kenny G.

Monday, November 17, 2008

A new era of thought.

It's official... I can't run and hide any more. My mistakes are mine, and I have to live with them. There's no one else that can fix me; It's shit of get off the pot.

I'm human. I'm going to make mistakes. There's no stopping that. I can do as much as possible to prevent some of them, but they will happen, and I must live with the consequences.

If I spend more than I can afford to, dig myself into a whole, finding myself broke, on the verge of bankruptcy, then that is my cross to bear. I can't pray for a reprieve my my creditors, nor another loan to just "get by". Nor can I sit idle, waiting for a miracle from above to save my scrawny ass. Fix it myself, or quit bitching. Those are my only choices.

If I hurt those I care about the most, then the backlash from my actions is my punishment. If I had thought long enough before I took action, there would have been no pain. If I had done everything I could to show those I love what they truly mean to me, then there would be no question that my actions were never meant to be malicious, and were just a stupid mistake. But when my actions cost me that which I hold so dear, then there is no one to blame but me, and I must accept the blame, grow, and walk on. Hiding in the shadows, hoping for magic pixies to fix it for me, will only leave me weak and empty.

I can't hide any more. I can't sit on my ass and pray for a better wave to ride in life. I'm slowly killing myself with apathy, and there's no time for that in a good life.

Time to pick my ass up, and do my best. Always. There's no excuse for anything less.

Time to get busy walking, or get busy dying.

- Kenny G