Sunday, June 22, 2008

What my "Spicy Side" really wants.....

So... who's seen the new "Slim Jim" commercials???

You know, the "Spicy Side" commercials, where said "side" ingests a stick of over commercialized beef jerky product, loses it's shit, and trashes a large area filled with "terror-struck" people.

I guess it's supposed to play to our "inner wild leanings", brainwashing us into buying this relatively mediocre meat by-product, in some naive attempt to release some long-hidden side that we all belive to be the Messiah to our bland, predictable lives.

How dare they claim that this third-world grade mass of what used to be beef can be so liberating to anyone!!! No simple food substance can surpass the years of self-degradation, the constant social belittling, or the deep-seated lack of social strength that supresses the "Spicy Side" in all of us.

The makers of "Slim Jim" have taken a serious problem for many of us, and trivialized it, just for the sake of conning the weak-willed into throwing their cash away on some ill-fated hope to become as truly wild and free-spirited as they dream to be......

.... Or, they just thought it was a cute/funny/unique way to hock their crap to the easily amused.....

Either way.. I felt like posting, and this was the best I had... Screw you, I thought it was funny... :-)

... And my "Spicy Side" likes Jager anyways!!!!! JAGER BOMB!!!!!!

- Kenny G.