Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Caution: This post requires a hardhat, hip-waders, and three hits of Ecstasy...

So, in an attempt (read: waste of oxygen & brain power) to prepare myself for the major changes in the/my near future, I'm trying to clear my mind of all the trivial thoughtlets cluttering me up. Here's a few:
  1. I never shared with my "audience" (snicker snicker, laugh laugh... weep) one of my favorite pieces of Webby-Goodness.... Here you go!
  2. It's official! (Actually, it was official Sept. 4th, but I never mentioned it.... I'm lazy) Mayor Kwam-Daddy is out, and doing "time"... mind you, it's only like a month or two... but at least his crooked ass is gone for a few years.... till the Fucktards in Detroit vote him back in... Dammit! Now my "Happy Dance" feels all unwarranted and stuff...
  3. In an older post, I said:"WTF is up with Big Brother 10??? How can there not be one truly likable person in the whole group??? I mean, other than Jerry, but he's really old, and you know there's no chance he's gonna win.".....
  4. ......And I was wrong..... F*ck Jerry's old antagonistic ass, Go Dan!!! Win one for the hometown!!!
  5. A long time ago, I started writing a book.... and then I stopped.... I suck....and I'm lazy.... 'nuff said
  6. How morbid is it that I'm kinda disappointed that the Large Hadron Collider didn't cause an "Earth-shattering", or at least a "Earth-shaking" kaboom? In addition, how sad is it that makes me smile?

I feel a little better now..... almost good enough to not long for Death's sweet embrace with desperation and anxiously open arms.... just regular open arms.... Damn I need to get laid... and a beer.... and a truck with reverse.... :-)

- Kenny G.


Cathie said...

I'm glad you feel better now (in my best Monty Python voice). This is my first time to post on a blog outside of FOD.....I'm new at this. Cue the Napoleon Dynamite Technology song. I'm impressed! You sure don't seem like a loser to me. Plus you've supplied me with lots of reading material & a soundtrack....what more could a girl ask for?

AKA goatiegirl

Nas said...

i havent talked to you in FOREVER.
wtf is up

Anonymous said...

My dear, if you ever need some editorial help, don't hesitate to ask.