Monday, September 15, 2008

Gray clouds on the horizon, right next to the blue balls and red ballons...

... Yah, I know.. random "Lucky Charm's" references are kinda lame... but f*ck it... I'm in no mood.

It's one of those times when you know all you're getting right now is foreplay from the storm, and the real fan-shit-hitting experience is on deck. The type of foreboding gloom that makes you wet yourself profusely at inappropriate times, staining your favorite pants forever.

Here's a few quick hit outlooks on my, and in ways, all of our, impending doom:
  • Election '08: We can pray McCain brings back his old renegade ways and turns this nation around, or pray Obama truly is the second coming of Kennedy that will save us. We can fear McCain = 4 more years of Bush, and Obama = The untested student driver pulling onto the freeway. My guess --- We're hosed either way, so I may just vote for Yoda.

  • My Career: I may end up full-time very soon, pending a parting of ways with our marketing lady. Maybe. After all the shit I've seen here, it wouldn't surprise me to stay on bitch-hours, even if she's gone.

  • My Wallet: Even with full-time, my financial forecast is grim. Not as grim as the reaper guy, but damned close. Day by day, the combination of this job, my bad luck/lack of marketable skills, and my inability to seek out better employment, makes bankruptcy loom ever closer to being the only escape.

  • My Home-Skillet: With Steve O.'s inevitable departure to warmer climates, I may soon return to a realm I haven't known in quite a while --- the days of no best friend in my every day life. Sure, Baize (my other befri..) and I still talk, and we're still close, but there's a big difference between seeing each other all the time, and talking once a month on the phone.

  • My Self-Fulfilling Cluster Fuck of a Mentality: All these things have a tendency of stressing me out, which makes me worry. As I worry, I worry about worrying. This worry helps keep my morale low, helping to make me a more miserable SOB, which, in turn, helps make the situation worse, starting the whole process over, resulting in some fucked up Mobius Strip of self-loathing... you know... the kind the girl's just love to date. :-)

........ what? I'm supposed to be funny EVERY post?? Fine!


- Kenny G.

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Glo said...

U R Welcome in SC!