Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Random mashup of the inner voices.... If only I could get one of those "Take a Ticket" machines....

How the bloody hell could my boss not want me to stay on full time, when he's seen all the things that actually GOT FUCKING DONE with me around??? Is he clinically insane???

WTF is up with Big Brother 10??? How can there not be one truly likeable person in the whole group??? I mean, other than Jerry, but he's really old, and you know there's no chance he's gonna win.

Did the Detroit Tigers decide before the season even began to make it the absolute antithesis of their hockey contemporaries? With that big of a fucking team salary, that many talented players, and the hopes of so many fans riding on them, when does this season's abysmal performance end up just being an insult to the already broken city of Detroit?

While we're at it, why the fuck is "Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick" not ousted yet?? Especially after this shit: http://www.clickondetroit.com/news/16981263/detail.html?rss=det&psp=news

Is there any hope left here on Earth? War, scandal, infected produce, global warming.....


..... is it any wonder I often shit my pants??
-Kenny G.

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