Friday, August 29, 2008

HFSIF!! ( Holy F*cking Sh*t, It's Friday...)

So... you remember that old song, "Manic Monday"??

Crock of horse defecation that one is... Monday isn't the issue here people.... It's Friday.

On Monday, you're all rested from the weekend you've (hopefully) had off. You've got all those fresh memories of all the partying, or sitting around doing nothing, that you just spent every minute since you left work on Friday doing. Sure, you may (will) have a hangover, but no pain, no play, right?

No, Friday is the shit-tastic day of the week.... You've just spent the whole week working your soul away, dealing with every inane inconsistency your boss could muster, every asshole customer, and every possible instance of "Murphy's law" ever seen by mortal eyes. You've tried to catch as many "Happy Hours" as you could, hoping that a few cocktails would soothe your aching brain, but that is hard to do when, long before the stress is gone, you take the "I gotta work tomorrow" early train out of your favorite bar.

So, Friday comes, and you rush out from work, intent on making up all the steam-blowing-off you're behind on from the week, barely putting the car in park before your ass hits the bar stool, slamming fuzzy navels at Mach 3, until, before the night's ball game even begins, you're wasted...

Now, in an attempt to overpower your failing liver, you stay, even though your blood could fuel the next space shuttle launch, and your wallet is weeping from it's sudden hemorrhaging, and you end up so incoherently fucked up, you now have to waste Saturday recovering, rather than engaged in a keg stand with the frat boys that live four doors down from you....

Shitty.... Or in other words....

- Kenny G.

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