Monday, July 21, 2008

Y'know, maybe the Amish life isn't so bad....

I can't fucking wait to get rid of our affiliate's work phone...... The damned vacation is OVER!!!!

I swear, this does not help my OCD/ADD

Now, I get to send my only technician downtown for a bullshit service call.... and that's not even our affiliate's territory!!!!!!

And, of course, I'm getting shit for having to schedule my tech to go out there. Which flavor of shit is pretty trivial. I either get him pissed at me for scheduling it, I get the customer pissed for trying to delay it, or I get my boss/our affiliate pissed if I blow it off. Any way you slice it, I get shit.

And it's not that none of these people don't have valid reasons to be irritated. It's just that I get the ass-burning for it, and the shit isn't even remotely my fault. If we had some sort of regulatory system to make this all a bit more streamline, it wouldn't be an issue..... No, wait,...... I AM THE FUCKING REGULATORY SYSTEM!!!!! (Damn, at $9/hour, what a fucking steal..)

It's days like this, with all the other God-forsaken bullshit in my life, that makes me want to just fucking run away. Skip town, head to Amish country, and say "Fuck You, Bullshit!!! I'd rather try to rock the black suit and funky beard!!!!"

But, I can't. I have too much that I am accountable for. I can't run away. I'm just stuck in the mire, and I'm down-wind of a herd of rhinos in all directions.

Maybe, I just need a hobby. Something to distract me fro... Look! A cloud!!!!

- Kenny G.

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