Friday, July 25, 2008

But.... things were going so well.....

I woke up early today. I had plenty of time to get ready, at a leisurely pace. I felt good, not nauseas or headachey. It was a good morning.

I didn't run into one bit of horrible traffic (although the lady in front of me went a little slow, so I had to enjoy my drive to work longer), jamming away to the newest Disturbed album.

It was an abnormally good morning......

........ Until I got to work, and found out poor Steve O. twisted his ankle last night and is laid up at home.

I don't really care about the customer bullshit I'll have to deal with, with Steve out today. Nor am I concerned with whatever I may have to do later to help him out. I just feel bad for him that he's all broken and stuff right now.

Sympathy: the other white meat.

So, to all my imaginary readers, please keep Steve O.'s ankle in your thoughts, prayers, ritual chants, and sacrifices to Odin.....

...... And somebody get the man a beer for fuck's sake!!!!!!

- Kenny G.

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