Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Why "The Longshots" pisses me off... and it's not even out yet!!....

(Spoilers Included. Just a warning)

Yes, I do mean that "Disney-esque" flick starring Ice-Cube. The one where he turns his nerdy niece into a star little-league football quarterback.

Before it even hit's the "Silver Screen", I promise I can spoil the plot for you. (The Inter-web already said, screw it, read it yourself.) Here's my guess: He's washed up, helps his niece learn football, she's great, the team sucks, the star kid-jock resents her, the brooding loner kid wants to stay, well, brooding and alone, and the "nerd no one wants around" is awkward and shy. The team gets better, Ice-Cube gets an ego and alienates his niece, team sucks again. He sees the error of his ways, makes amends, the team gets good again, make the championships, and then they win. Or, they lose. Doesn't matter. They all end up happy, and friends, at the end.

If you see it, and I'm wrong, let me know. I'd love to hear I'm wrong on this one.

But I'm not going to be. I may not have it line by line, but I'm damn close. Guaranteed. It's the same drivel we've been getting for decades. No matter how unlikely, or how absurd, the "Hero" always wins in the end. Even when they lose. It's the "lessons learned" that matter.

Horse Shit!!!!

This is not real life!!! You know folks, sometimes, the bad guys win. And the good guy dies. And that's fucking it! No "Justice finds a way" crap. It's over.

Back in good old ancient Greece, Oedipus ended up killing his dad, fucking his mom, she killed herself, he gouged his eyes out... THE END. No happy ending kids. That's it.

Give me a "Silence Of The Lambs" where Hannibal Lecter doesn't help Clarice catch the killer, but instead, breaks out, kills a shit-load of people, and walks off into the sunset. Give me a zombie flick where all the main characters die, and the zombies rule everything. Give me any generic action flick where the terrorists actually blow up their target, and the FBI fails. End of movie.

In other words, show me a movie where good loses for once, and evil wins the day......

.... And not like "Empire Strikes Back".. where you know good will win in the sequel...

I'm not saying "The Good Guy's win" is always bad cinema. I'm just saying that, to make a great film, be real: Sometimes, evil just wins. Period.

There's a reason that, even in a great film like "The Departed", where the "Good Guys" die, so do all the "Bad Guys".... so it all works out in the end.

If good old Matt Damon had lived, stayed a cop, and retired 25 years later, with full pension, I'd have loved the movie even more. It would have felt real, and honest.

But, we Americans, we need our "Happy Ending". The bad guys have to pay, or we feel slighted.

Sad, but oh so true.

Thank god there's Greek tragedies for us literate folk... :-) ......

Just kidding... but, come the hell on folks.... we need more Lecter, less Superman... Just saying....

- Kenny G.

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