Monday, August 4, 2008

Glorious Michigan: Shaped like a mitten, but it's really just an armpit.

Day by day, I'm convinced this state is literally imploding in on itself. Incompetence in every level of government, rampant corruption, and all of this wrapped in an economic free fall. Just check out a few of the multitude of "wonderful" news items from my god-forsaken-shit-sack of a state:

Sheriff 'Baffled' By Detroit Mayor's Actions:

Detroit Cop Files Whistleblower Suit:

Detroit plans layoffs after tunnel sale stalls:

Are you fucking kidding me? The largest city in the whole damned state is basically being run be a pimp. Yes, I called Kwame "Kwam Daddy" Kilpatrick a pimp. He is no damn leader. Text message scandal, assault charges pending, a dead stripper... how much more do these morons need to see before they put his ass to the curb???

"But Ken, he helped clean up downtown...".... No jackass, he didn't. That was Roger Penske, a "Rich-white man" business owner who, after the success of his clean-up of downtown for the Super Bowl a few years back, wanted to permanently do the job. Kwame and the City-Council-Clowns denied his request. Smart move, fuck-tards.

"Oh yeah, Kwame got us the Super Bowl, and the MLB All-Star Game..."... no, ass-hat, that was mostly former mayor Dennis Archer.... As are many of the things Kwame tries to claim.

On top of this, whilst the entire state rots in economic despair, here is all good old "Canadian Jenny", (IE: Governor Jennifer Granholm) is worried about:
1) not looking too attached to her "little butt-buddy" Kwame's misdeeds,
2) fucking over smokers and bars alike. (Go ahead, look up her proposed smoking ban.... It'll finish off the ailing bar industry, which is still hurting from tax increases and other initiatives intent to damn near make Michigan a dry state.)

.............But, at least we're not Ohio residents....

Ohioan bills Michigan $16 for work zone delay

- Kenny G

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