Friday, March 26, 2010

The Tarnished Knight: Reformations

Had it been days, years, millenia? He could not remember... Only the darkness had filled His mind since that day... When The Angel left His side.

The Knight had wandered, blindly, hopelessly... Far from what had once been Home.... To a new land, and new journey... The past far behind Him.

His heart was empty.... Soul as dark as the black stains on His cracking armor. His burden was heavy, more than He had ever know... He was lost... And falling.

Lifting His head to the horizon, He looked out at this place... The one He would now call Home... Where His life would now be bound... A small smile breaking through His stern grimmace.

The Knight knew what this place would yield: New adventures, new allies... But could it fill the hole deep inside?

Days passed, and His strength began to return to Him. A new cause called Him to action... New dragons to test His blade against. He found some sollace with His new comrades... And learned to love His new Home...

... But nothing could ever replace the loss of his Angel...

... Until one day...

He heard the call... One He had not known for a long time... The beautiful call... Of The Muse. Her words lifting His spirit, washing over His tired soul, healing wounds long since forgotten. The Muse, was unlike anything, or anyone, He had ever known... And He could only sit, and bathe in Her wonder.

She did not see it at first... This great transformation inside Him... But He knew it was there... And all flowing from Her grace... Her words... Her very being.

As if the Heavens themselves had granted Him a new life... The Knight was made new... And His heart was renewed. He watched in awe as Her very essence mended His armor... And He knew He had found what had been lost for so long...

Raising His sword to the sky, one tear rolling down His face, The Knight pledged His strength, His will.... His very soul... To His Muse... Letting the last Feather float off into the wind. As He found a Home in this new land... His heart found a Home with Her... His Muse.

... And The Knight knew peace once more.

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