Friday, August 15, 2008

Quiet Friday mornings, and my insatiable desire to chase groundhogs...

It's a nice morning today. The sun is out, the birds are pooping on my truck, and I am at peace. It's quiet in the office, other than this stupid "phone", so I don't have much to do. My morning pile-o-crap is completed, and my thumb is now securely.. well... you get the point..

My coffee is hot, and it's intoxicating aroma is leaving me with one thought: I want to catch the groundhog that's tearing up the landscaping in front of the office. I want to go out there, run it out of it's hole, chase it around, and watch it run into the cage we have sitting out by one of it's exit holes...... I know, I'm strange. Gimme a break, I've got a little bit of a hangover cloud above my head....

In other world news, Steve O. has a four day weekend to go watch the NASCAR race at MIS this weekend.... Lucky f#cker. that leaves me with today, as well as (oh joy) Monday, short handed. So, of course, this means the phone will be ringing all day with major issues for our best customers, and my myth of a boss will be even more unavailable for service calls. Yippee.

But, at least there's this:

Is it any wonder why she's my favorite??

- Kenny G.

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