Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's the small things in life... (Insert random joke about my penis here before posting)

How pathetic is it that, of all the things there are in life, my only joyful thoughts are that my latest entry in the "Funny or Die" caption contest might be a winner.....

Shouldn't there be larger dreams, goals, and hopes for me to aspire to??? Isn't life more than pining for 15 minutes of Internet fame?? Am I so devoid of true aspirations??

*Sob*... why don't you bring me flowers anymore!?!?!

..... Whoa.... too much LSD in the coffee this morning...

I'm back... But seriously....

"Contents of box: (1)cirrhotic liver; (1)extremely small penis; (1)lack of self respect; trace elements of bong resin (to preserve "freshness")".... that's funny, dammit!!
- Kenny G.

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