Thursday, June 19, 2008

Is it scary that, while screaming at the walls, they scream back?

I guess, since I only have one reader that I know of (Mad Props to you, Steve O.!!), it really doesn't matter what I say here, but somehow, I still feel compelled to try my best to be witty, insightful, and funny.


I guess, all things considered, I do it for my own sanity. No one cares if I spell every other word wrong except me, but I spell check the hell out of most everything I type. It doesn't matter if a sentence rambles on for 18 lines, with no point in sight, but I'll stress out for an hour and a half over what took me 10 minutes to type, worrying about how my words sound.

I know.... poster child for OCD....

So, just to prove to myself that I really needn't worry too much what I type, I'm starting a contest. I'll mail a $5 to the first person to email me an answer to the following question:

"If someone gave you a pet ferret for your birthday, what would you name it, and why?"

(Steve O., his wife, brother, parents (or step-parents), and mother-in-law are not eligible for this contest. Come on, be nice :-) ... )

My email address?? Of course!

Let's see how long this takes to come to a close... ;-)

My guess is a least 2 years... maybe longer......

- Kenny G.

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