Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"Missing your 8-ball shot", Or "When finding the titties is a bad thing."

Well, for the second time in three weeks, I had to shoot for our pool team, and, as has been my signature performance as of late, my partner and I lost 1-2. He shot well, missed a few tough shots, and I shot like a spastic monkey on meth, completely missing fairly easy to hit balls on more than one occassion. Despite my best attemps on disappointing my team to the point of bi-polarism, we still could have won the last game. My dumb luck had left the other team with no shot, and thefore, they could do little to avoid letting my partner have a chance to run out. He stepped up, *plink* 13 cut into the coner, *plop* 10 in the side, lined up erotically well for the 8.

Then: "shoot, roll, roll, bounce, bounce, stop", right in front of the pocket. He missed, but barely. It hit the titties ("titties" or "nipples" for the billiard uninformed, are the pointy round corners in each pocket on the table). He was so disheartened by it that he actually went to his knees as the ball came to a stop, and the other team made the simple shot to win 2-1. I guess that's just how it all goes some days.

Oh, but the good news is we beat them overall 9-6. Go us!!!!!

And now, for something completely different:'s word of the day:

pelf \PELF\, noun:Money; riches; gain; -- generally conveying the idea of something ill-gotten.

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Get a life, your podcast partner in crime.